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Jun 11, 2017 | Ben Kandt

Psalm 51

Psalms 51

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What does a genuine relationship with God look like? How should we approach him? What should we say? And when we finally understand who God is, how should we think and act in a world that tempts and tests us every day?

The Psalms, the songs of the people of Israel, teach us how to worship in ways that deeply satisfy our longing to be connected with God. They give a voice to our full range of emotions and help us discover more of who God really is.

Proverbs contains practical wisdom for daily life. It shows us how to function in a universe created by and for God’s glory. And counter to cultural understanding, Proverbs teaches that wisdom has it’s proper foundation on the fear of the Lord and not human intelligence.

Join us as we journey through these Old Testament books through the summer and grow together in worship and wisdom.