Music Team

Creating space for worship with music

The One Hope Music Team consists of vocalists and instrumentalists who create space for worship with music. Most often, we lead the church on Sunday mornings in songs chosen to prepare people for and help them respond to a Biblical sermon.


The music we make is an expression of the hope we have in Jesus. Each of our stories began without hope or a future. But, because Jesus saved us, we gratefully offer our creative gifts back to God for His glory and His purposes.

join the team

If you are interested in using your musical gifts to serve the church, we'd love for you to take the first step of joining us for our Music Team Group currently meeting on Thursday evenings.

Learn more about the group here.


What do you mean when you say "worship?"

When we say "worship," we are referring to the sum of all that we say and do and how it reveals what matters to us. We don't believe worship is a synonym for music played in a church building but rather is a lifestyle of action and word that lifts high who Jesus is and what He has done for us.

What's your "worship style?"

If by "worship style" you mean "the style of music we play and sing," our style is modern and band-driven. We strive for a broad range of appeal and often change the instrumentation based on team members available. We sing modern choruses from contemporary Christian groups and ancient hymns that the church has been singing for a long time.

How do you pick songs?

We pick songs by directly studying the scripture that will be used in the sermon. With scripture at the center, we are able to reinforce and respond to the truth that is preached.

How much time will it take?

We ask that everyone on our team commits to serve at least one Sunday per month. When scheduled, the call time on Sundays at 6:45am to assist with Setup and have time for a sound check. You'll be finished by 12:30pm. In addition, on weeks you're scheduled, we ask that you attend Thursday Group + Rehearsal from 6:30pm to 9:30pm at our church office.

Do you play with a click?

Yes. We always rehearse and perform with a click track and optionally vocal guides and backing tracks. These tools allow us to create a wide variety of sounds and build a worship environment that's as distraction-free as possible.

What practice resources do you provide?

We provide each team member with access to chord charts, part-specific practice tracks and original song tracks for every song. When available, we provide links to instructional videos and training resources.

What do I need to bring when I'm scheduled?

Bring earphones with an 1/8 connector and printed music if you need it. In addition, all guitar / bass players should bring guitars, straps, pedals, cables, and amps as needed. Drummers should bring sticks. Keyboard players may bring a laptop and audio interface if they want to use our keyboard as a MIDI controller although this is not required.